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  • Unanswered Jeopardy question: 'Who is Herman Cain?'

    How quickly they forget. A couple years ago, Republican candidate Herman Cain was leading Mitt Romney in the polls. Now, judging by the failed of these Jeopardy contestants to successfully name him in a fairly obvious question, nobody even remembers him.

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    • Guns in Bars: What Could Go Wrong?

      Georgia’s new law allows them everywhere—in libraries, at school—and permits felons to claim a Stand Your Ground defense. Let’s hope it makes Southern white guys feel manlier, at least.

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      • Great Time To Buy or Refi A Home

        Rates are low and lenders are eager to win your business. Compare rates now

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        • Jon Stewart Crushes the Sexist Media Conversation on the Clinton Baby

          We were all waiting for it, and last night we finally got it: The Daily Show covered the Clinton baby. Jon Stewart tore apart the media conversation surrounding the story, emphasizing just how ridiculous it is to be asking whether a grandchild impacts Hillary's 2016 campaign.  The hubbub after…

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          • Jobs v. Loopholes

            7 Tax Loopholes the GOP Loves to Love In less than two weeks the very damaging across the board "sequester" cuts will kick in unless Republicans agree to

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            • Rand Paul disses Ronald Reagan

              Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) may want a do-over.Mother Jones' David Corn, who caused headaches for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign by landing video of the candidate's "47 percent" moment, has another video scoop, and this one looks bad for Paul. In a video montage posted Wednesday, Paul is seen…

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              • Jon Stewart on Hillary Clinton's Grandma-gate: Nope, No Sexism Here (Video)

                Jon Stewart detects a double standard in questions about asking how Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy might affect her mother's presidential campaign. News of the pregnancy was immediately greeted with questions about how it might affect Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects — and more questions about…

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                • Southern Whites’ Loyalty to G.O.P. Nearing That of Blacks to Democrats

                  The shift is a problem for Democrats, but also for Republicans.

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                  • Rove: Democrats Discover Lying Works

                    The Democratic campaign machine, with Majority Leader Harry Reid's Senate Majority PAC in the vanguard, is deceitfully targeting Republican Senate candidates in 2014, Karl Rove wrote in a commentary in The Wall Street Journal. Reid's PAC money is financing campaign ads that "are flat-out…

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                    • Part-Time Jobs For Women Over 40

                      The benefit of getting a part-time job is that you will certainly see an improvement in your finances, and have some extra cash on your hands.

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                      • Mitt Romney endorses Tony Strickland for Congress to help GOP

                        Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, taking a broadening role in efforts to help candidates of his party, on Wednesday endorsed former state legislator Tony Strickland, the Strickland campaign announced. The former state assemblyman and state senator is running in the June 3…

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