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  • 18 other Texas officials who have been indicted, besides Ken Paxton

    When Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was reportedly indicted on three felony charges alleging securities law violations last week on Tuesday, he joined a long list of Texas politicians who have also faced indictments. A governor of Texas during the reconstruction era, Davis was indicted for…

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  • Do we have too many counties?

    Michigan has 83 of them, ranging in size from Benzie County (321 square miles) to Marquette County (1,821), and in population from Keweenaw County (2,156 people) to Wayne County (2.2 million). California, which is more than twice as large as Michigan and boasts more than three times as many…

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  • ​Almanac: The father of Washington, D.C.

    Highly-educated, he traveled to America in 1777 and served as a civil engineer in the Revolutionary Army. In 1791 President Washington commissioned him to plan the new capital city that was to rise on the banks of the Potomac River. The "dotted line" rendition of Pierre Charles L'Enfant's design of…

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