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  • E-cigarettes: what the FDA wants to regulate and what it doesn't

    An electronic cigarette looks like a cigarette, glows like a cigarette, and delivers nicotine like a cigarette, but in the eyes of the federal government, it doesn't yet fall under federal regulation of cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration wants to change that. The FDA on Thursday announced…

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    • A doctor, not a bureaucrat, should be in charge of Health and Human Services

      "The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans," Jack Kennedy famously said in his 1961 inaugural address, a phrase once swollen with optimism and American pride.   It may be tempting for President Obama to use this same expression now to describe Health and Human Services Secretary…

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        • The Health-Care Job That Really Matters

          The official who matters most when it comes to controlling U.S. health-care spending has just resigned, leaving behind a program with serious fiscal problems that badly needs further reform. No, not Kathleen ...

          • FDA extends its reach to e-cigarettes in proposal

            The Food and Drug Administration proposed new rules Thursday that would allow it to regulate electronic cigarettes and a spectrum of other tobacco products that had eluded its reach until now. Years in the making, the proposal branches from a tobacco-control law signed by President Obama in 2009.…

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