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  • UN says it sheltered thousands from Sudan killings

    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The United Nations mission in South Sudan accused the government Wednesday of spreading false claims that the U.N. camp near the scene of a massacre refused to shelter victims.

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    • In India's Schools, Discrimination Drives Dropouts

      Roughly half of all Indian public-school students drop out before eighth grade, and most of the dropouts are from lower-caste, Muslim or tribal communities, according to a new report from Human Rights ...

      The Wall Street Journal
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        • US Sends Apaches To Egypt Despite Human Rights Abuses

          The announcement on Tuesday night that the Apaches, built by the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA), would be used to combat terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula aroused concern among groups like Human Rights Watch, which emphasized the Egyptian military’s history of responding violently to citizen protests and…

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