Health care in the United States

  • Three Women (Start to) Run on Obamacare

    Something unusual is brewing in Pennsylvania: A Democrat is running on – not from – Obamacare. As she seeks to emerge from a crowded Democratic primary field in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race, Rep. Allyson Schwartz is among the first prominent Democrats to take President Obama’s advice and…

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    • How to Make Doctors Irrelevant

      After a simple, modified Paleo diet reversed her multiple sclerosis, one doctor is exposing health care and big pharma’s dirty secret: Prescriptions don’t make you well.

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      • At Least You Have Your Health

        That point, of course, is when we face our own health issues -- even if temporary -- and appreciate how all-consuming a broken bone, pinched nerve, chronic allergy, or persistent migraine can be. As I've noted here before, health issues impact not only our quality of life in the moment, but also…

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