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You Can Now Download That iOS 8 Look –– But Only on Android

Daniel Bean

You Can Now Download That iOS 8 Look –– But Only on Android

Ever since Apple unveiled iOS 8 earlier this summer, fans have been patiently waiting for its release — even some who aren’t iPhone owners.

Well, get this: Now you, poor misaligned Android phone owner, can get the iOS 8 look on your phone before your iPhone friends. Today, even.

Yes, the iOS 8 Launcher app from Google’s Play store bounces that Samsung, HTC, or Nexus home screen that you’re currently stuck with in favor of something a lot more Jony Ive-looking. (But not too Jony Ive-looking: Some of those lime greens in iOS 7 were a bit much).

Wiggling iPhone apps

Beyond the basic look of things, this home screen launcher also has customizable app folders that mimic iOS’s (seen below), popular app icons that are themed to match Apple’s, and many of the same motion flurries of iOS 8, including the fidgety icons in edit mode (seen above). There’s also the familiar swooping-in animation upon returning to the home screen.

The other good thing about using iOS 8 Launcher on your Android: You don’t have to stop using your Android. With this home screen replacer installed, the drop-down Notifications Drawer functions exactly the same, and so do all the other apps installed on the device. It’s just a skin that redesigns your current home screen. You can uninstall the app at any time and resume your regular-looking Android life.

iOS 8 folder

Apple’s mobile OS sure looks great, but there are plenty of people who prefer the flexibility of Google’s software. And, honestly, we can’t imagine Apple ever allowing for an Android launcher to be installed on the iPhone.

So, until hell freezes over and Apple’s iOS becomes available on an Android phone, iOS 8 Launcher is available as a free download. Try it today and see if you enjoy having the best of both worlds. No harm done.

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