WWDC 2024: Apple Intelligence, a smarter Siri, iOS 18, macOS Sequoia and more all got announced

 A MacBook on a blue background showing the WWDC 2024 teaser page.
Credit: Apple

Apple's WWDC 2024 keynote has come and gone, marking the big developer-centric showcase for Cupertino this year.

While Apple eschewed any mention of new hardware, it went big on software; we had sweeping iOS updates, changes to macOS, and more. Plus we got a look at Apple's artificial intelligence machinations in the form of Apple Intelligence and a new smarter Siri.

In short there was no shortage of new things Apple presented to onlookers in California and across the globe. So below you'll find a list of all the main things that were announced, and for a beat-by-beat account of the keynote, take a look at our WWDC 2024 live blog now in a recap form. And do read our article on 13 things we learned at WWDC 2024, including what Apple Intelligence is and why a Calculator app can be exciting.


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What's next for Apple in 2024?

The next Apple event is very likely to be the launch of the rumored iPhone 16 range, comprising the standard and Plus models, and the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

We also expect to see the rumored Apple Watch 10, and potentially the AirPods Pro 3 and AirPods Max 2.

Expect to see such products to be unveiled early or mid-September, as that's when Apple tends to hold its main showcase in the second half of the year.