WhatsMyBrowser.org Is a Simple, Clean Site That Identifies Your Browser and More

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor

Have you ever been on the phone with tech support, and the IT dude or dudette asked you what web browser you were running, and you panicked and realized that you had no idea, and also you weren’t sure where that information could possibly be, so you start shuffling papers around on your desk, stammering into the receiver, trying to buy time, and then you just hang up the phone?

Well, panic no more, friend: A single-serving website called WhatsMyBrowser is here to help. Visit WhatsMyBrowser.org and—voilà!—all your pertinent browser information pops up. In addition to identifying your browser, the website also gives you your computer’s operating system, tells you whether you have cookies enabled, and displays several other pertinent bits of information that the IT department might need. 

The site also generates a unique web page that you can copy and send to whomever you’re working with. Pretty, right?

In rigorous tests here at the Yahoo offices, WhatsMyBrowser was able to correctly identify the versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on my laptop. No need to dig through menus on your PC: Just visit the website and you’re set.

Now, this is not the first website to perform this task for you. Competitors like Support Details let you quickly email your results directly from the site, and WhatIsMyBrowser.com gives you more information, including an IP address. Those are more robust options that prioritize density over design.

WhatsMyBrowser.org, however, is cleaner and easier to navigate than any other site like this that I’ve seen. It also puts the sharing information right up top. My advice: You should bookmark this page—or at least one like it!—for the next time you’ve got to wrestle with tech support. Because the question “What browser are you using?” shouldn’t send a cold shiver down your spine. 

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