Watch: The Ultimate Apple vs. Android Fanboy Smartphone Challenge

What’s better, Apple iOS or Google’s Android? Put two smartphone fans together, and they will fight endlessly and entertainingly. And neither will end up convincing the other.

But they might be able to convince you, especially if there’s some structure to their argument. So we set out to give the smartphone debate just that structure, and came up with our first-ever Fanboy Smartphone Challenge. Was it a science experiment? Not really. It was a game show.


(Photo: Yahoo)

We found two good sports, John M. Foley from Chicago, representing the Apple camp, and  Derek Ross from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, on the Android side. We invited them to Austin to be the contestants of the challenge, which was hosted by our founding editor, David Pogue.

Meet the contestants: These Are the Ultimate Smartphone Fanboys

Foley and Ross brought their best game, and they needed it. We put them through five increasingly difficult challenges (that they didn’t know anything about until we told them on stage):

  1. The Selfie Challenge: We asked them to take selfies and tweet them out.

  2. The Voice Assistant Challenge: Answering a series of questions, using nothing but their voice.

  3. The Commuting Challenge: Creating a document while walking and carrying a cup of coffee.

  4. The Drone Challenge. Connecting to a drone and flying it. This one took a lot longer than we thought it would.

  5. The Multitasking-in-Hell Challenge: This required being attentive to both an email they had to read and a person talking in their ear; we quizzed them on their knowledge.

How’d they do? It was close! And everything could have changed at the end. But, ultimately, there was one winner. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who it was, and which smartphone platform we deem as having the best fanboy.

More photos from the show:


Derek Ross


John Foley


The Champion’s belt


Pogue giving directions for Challenge 3: Commuting


Challenge 4: First to fly this drone wins.


Talking smack at the pre-show dinner.

Big thanks to John Foley and Derek Ross for being such great sports. We flew them to Austin for our challenge, and we really put them through a lot to make this show work. We will be calling on their fanboyish exuberance and experience in the future on Yahoo Tech!

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