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WATCH: Katie Couric Interviews Aereo CEO About Its Upcoming Supreme Court Case

Rafe Needleman

Today, if you live in one of 11 major metropolitan areas in the U.S., you can get over-the-air television over the Internet instead, from a very clever company called Aereo

Aereo puts its TV antennas — one tiny antenna per customer — in its own facilities, and then transmits the signals it grabs over the Net to customers’ TV set-top boxes, computers, or mobile devices.

But not everyone is happy with Aereo. The TV broadcasters hate it, and they’re trying to kill it.

Aereo isn’t going down without a fight. To explain how the battle is shaping up, the CEO of Aereo, Chet Kanojia, recently sat down with Yahoo’s global news anchor, Katie Couric, to discuss the legal battle, which is heading to the Supreme Court.

There’s much more to this fascinating interview, like Kanojia responding to customers’ critiques of the Aereo service, and Couric’s question about the business viability of anything related to broadcast TV when the world seems to be moving to streaming anyway.

See Couric's full interview, and don’t forget to check out David Pogue’s review of the Aereo if you think you might want to get in on the Aereo action yourself … while you still can.

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