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This top-selling phone mount is key for summer road trips, and it's down to $11

'Made my daily commute safer,' fans say.

Almost every state has a hands-free driving policy (as in, don't do it), but not every car has built-in GPS, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. So what should you do if you have zero directional sense, like me? Easy: Use a phone mount. These nifty little devices can keep your cell positioned so you can hear it or glance at it without taking your eyes off the road — perfect for long-haul getaways. Also perfect: You can snag a particularly useful, versatile one for just $11.

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This holder works with almost any model phone and vehicle. Mount it to your dashboard, windshield or vent without leaving a trace when you remove it.

$17 at Amazon

If you need your phone nearby while driving, either for GPS or as a streaming device for music, you need to be hands-free. Trust us: It's a lot less expensive than a ticket. This isn't the lowest price we've ever seen for this phone mount, but it is the lowest price on the web at the moment. Either way, it's pretty darn inexpensive, and you can't put a price on safety.

Many phone holders struggle to maintain their grip when temperatures start to climb (or drop), but not this one. The Suuson can maintain adhesion in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 203°F. If you remove it and it loses its stickiness, a quick rinse with soap and water will make it like new again.

As for why you need this, we'll reiterate: Most states have hands-free driving laws. You can pay a pricey fine if you're caught glancing down at your phone. Not to mention, it's just plain dangerous to take your eyes off the road.

suuson phone mount in a car
Hold, please. A phone mount is the smart way to watch where you're going while you, um, watch where you're going. (Amazon)

Over 2,900 drivers rely on this phone mount to help see them safely home, saying it's a five-star buy.

"It's been a game-changer for my daily commute," one reviewer said. "This car phone holder has made my daily commute safer and more convenient. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable solution to keep their phone within reach while driving."

Another shopper said they appreciate the Suuson's versatility. "This product is amazing, the suction is amazing, has a lot of features and you have the possibility of choosing where you wanna set up your phone holder (windshield, AC vents or dash). I personally prefer the windshield, and I love it so far."

"I love how it hooks onto the air vent rather than grips it," said this motorist, who unfortunately learned the hard way. "With the two support arms, it doesn’t put any weight on the air vents, which grip-style [mounts] do; they've worn out the hinges on my previous cars' vents."

A fourth reviewer wrote, "I recently bought this phone holder for my car, and it has exceeded all of my expectations. I used the AC vent mount, and it is very sturdy and remains intact while driving. The adjustable arms firmly hold my phone, even during bumpy roads or sudden stops. It is easily adjustable and super easy to install, so I was able to rotate it to get the perfect angle for my needs."

Most fan feedback was minor, but one shopper did say it could garble speech input. "My phone fits it securely and it sticks well to my dash. The only thing is the speaker is covered, so my phone can't understand if I need to use voice prompts. Not a huge deal since I don't use it often, but it would be nice if it wasn't covered."

A final reviewer wrote, "The only downside is you have to be okay with putting something on your dash with adhesive. Once [it's] in place, you likely can’t move it to a new spot."

Stop keeping your phone in your lap or center console. Keep it on the dash, where you can easily glance at it — but mostly, keep your eyes on the road.  

$17 at Amazon

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you might struggle to keep your ride shipshape. Meet your new best friend:

Cars get messy. That's just how it is. Cut the clutter with this waterproof car trash can, available in 18 colors and patterns.

$10 at Amazon

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