This is what you should expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Since Apple is about to roll down it’s much awaited, iconic iPhone 7 Samsung too has fully geared up to launch the 7th diamond in its much anticipated and praised note series i.e Galaxy Note 7. Though Samsung’s flagship models S7 and S7 Edge are performing well in the race Samsung is tightening their grip by announcing the launch of Note 7. There are many rumours and speculations about the possible features and the functionality. Let’s try to throw some light on presumptive unique features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Unique Iris sensor

This feature has been in demand since long and many mobile companies have actually tried to bring them in their devices but nobody succeeded in giving popularity to this feature just like the fingerprint sensor. But with the upcoming galaxy Note 7, we can expect premium features and functionalities from the Iris sensor and great usability too. However, Samsung hasn’t confirmed features which are supported by this sensor but most likely it is going to be the best till now from a premium brand and South Korean giant Samsung.

Humongous memory

Have you heard someone saying ‘HUGE’ regularly? Well, it’s not just going to be Donald Trump but soon you will also join the club when you will hear Note 7’s massive 256GB internal storage. Although it is going to be available in 64GB and 128GB variant too but the 256 GB memory feature is definitely going to be the USP of the upcoming note sibling. With higher storage Phone-lagging is also a concern but guess what? Samsung’s new beast is going to house similar monstrous RAM of 8GB which would help you to do multitasking with ease. Though some sources are predicting 6GB RAM the real picture will be clear only when the phone will get officially launched.

High Power camera

Samsung Galaxy note series is often praised for it’s improved and efficient camera abilities. With Note3 people used to capture moments like Pro. And now with the latest Galaxy Note 7, this ability will get strengthened even further with an astonishing 32MP rear camera and 9MP front. This device will now allow you to capture not only HD but 4k HD videos and that too flawlessly. The unique feature of 3D imaging is also expected to be accompanied by the above segment-leading features. If you are more into mobile photography then Note 7 will definitely lure you.

Unique USB port

Samsung is expected to include the new type C USB port in the upcoming Note 7. It will increase the speed of data transferring as well battery charging will get a boost. Along with this wireless charging, the feature is also going to be there to match the latest fierce competition.

Along with all the above features Note, 7 is also going to get a regular S-pen update and a huge battery life to meet all the requirements of a beast cum smartphone. This device is going to have a screen which is expected to be of quad HD resolution with a size of 5.7 to 6.1 inch which makes it more like a phablet. This latest offering will be available in the silver, black and blue colour and the expected price will be around $900.

You can also check out this leaked video making rounds on the internet of a working Galaxy Note 7.

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