This Enormous Phone's Battery Allegedly Lasts More than Two Days

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology

Phablet.(fah-blet) noun

1. An item that functions as both a phone and tablet which tends to be large in size.

2. A word that people hate.

Yes, despite their unpopular name and bulky physique, Phablets are here to stay. And companies like the Chinese firm Huawei are finding ways to make them stand out. In its announcement this morning at CES, it revealed the Ascend Mate 2, which is unique for two reasons: Its battery lasts for more two full days of uninterrupted use and it unashamedly panders to selfie-fanatics.

The phone has a 6.1 inch screen, which takes up 79-percent of the front of the gadget (For comparison, the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen.) Its 5 megapixel front camera has a wide angle lens, and when you take a photo, it automatically enhances your face to make you look younger. In Huawei CEO Richard Yu’s words, this phone “supports selfies for multiple people.” 

And that monstrous battery I mentioned earlier can also function as a charger, meaning your iPhone or Galaxy can figuratively suck from the teat of the Huawei if you so desire.

The rest of the phone’s specs are solid too. The back camera is a 13 megapixel shooter. It’s curvy in the back, 9.5 millimeters thin, and supports LTE Cat 4-150Mbps (translation: It should be really freaking fast at loading stuff). 

There are a lot of people who think battery life is the only thing that really matters in this crazy tech world. And it’s hard not to feel that way when you are stranded on some unfamiliar road, praying for just ten more minutes of juice as your map loads. So, phablets, especially ones with mongo batteries—not so bad in a pinch?  

No word on how much it’ll be or when it’ll be available. But it’s definitely coming to the US, and Yu hinted at AT&T as a carrier.