This Chrome Extension Replaces the Word ‘Literally’ with ‘Figuratively’

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
April 18, 2014


The web is filled with pretentious language, the most obnoxious of which is the tendency to use the word “literally” incorrectly. If you are the type of person who will have a figurative heart attack the next time you see the word misused, you should download this browser extension. For your own safety.

Made by selfless crusader Mike Walker, this tool is a grammatical Band-Aid for the Internet that patches over any occurrence of the word “literally” with the word “figuratively.”

Here’s how to install it:

1. Make sure you’re signed in to Google Chrome.

2. Go here.

3. Click the blue Free button in the upper-right corner of the page.

4. A screen will pop up to make sure you want to allow the extension to read the pages you visit. Click Add.

5. You should see a confirmation box on the upper-right corner of the page. 

Congratulations, you’re done.

Now go test out your new toy. I recommend you start with this YouTube clip. I literally died. (Editor’s note: Alyssa is literally dead.)

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