The Trailer for the World's First Drone Show Is Insane

The future is here. Robotic drones are about to put on a spectacular show for our entertainment, where they will perform amazing aerial stunts, impeccably choreographed flypasts, and battle it out for supremacy in the skies. Plus, if we’re really lucky, they won’t go berserk and attack the audience at the end of the show.

We’re talking about Air, a newly announced extravaganza billed as the world’s first drone entertainment show, which will take place at the Amsterdam Arena (which, oddly enough, is in Amsterdam) later this year. What will the event be like? If the trailer above is anything to go by, it’ll be a mashup of Tron, Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, and the Flesh Fair from A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

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It’s still early days for the event, and there’s no real information on what we should expect, outside of the trailer’s bombastic claims of “ballet and battles,” “races and lasers,” and “circus and illusions.” However, they all sound exactly what we want from a drone show, and if it’s even half as exciting as what’s in our heads, then it’ll be quite an experience.

The project is still in development, but the official site says there will be hundreds of drones in the arena, and this webpage reveals Air is being put on with the cooperation of the Royal Dutch Airforce, suggesting it won’t be filled with drones you can buy in the shops. There’s no date attached yet, aside from it happening sometime this year. That is, if the drone uprising doesn’t come before it goes ahead.

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