'The Daily Show' Examines Social Persecution of Google Glass

Yahoo TechJune 13, 2014

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Ever since its  release last year, Google Glass has had its share of both praise and critiques. Those that love the technology consider it the future, while the other side of the coin argues that it at the very least enables a massive invasion of privacy. It’s also been criticized for looking like a “computer on your face”, though Google has gone to great lengths to try to  minimize the device’s geeky appearance. A number of private establishments have actually  banned Glass from being worn in their establishments because of privacy concerns. Unsurprisingly, Glass has been  lampooned by pop culture ever since its release, and last night, Comedy Central’s  The Daily Show took a stab at it.

In the show’s “Glass Half Empty” segment, correspondent Jason Jones sits down with a few Google Glass Explorers to get their takes on the device and the hardships they’ve faced while wearing it. Jones then fashions his own, low-cost version of Google Glass and wears it in public to get some first-person perspective. It’s a humorous look at Glass with a dose legitimate concerns and criticism, delivered in the satiric way The Daily Show is a master of. You can check out the entire clip in the video above.