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The best Memorial Day sales on road-trip essentials: Save on tire inflators, phone mounts and more

Get ready to roll with gear that'll keep you comfy and safe, starting at $8.

tire pressure gauge, car fridge, car vacuum
Whether you're getting your kicks on Route 66 or making a beeline for Wall Drug, these gadgets and doodads can give you the ultimate road-trip experience. (Amazon)

Is there anything more quintessentially American than a summer road trip? Blasting tunes as the miles roll by, loading up with junk food and candy when you stop for gas. It's always a good time, and if you've never been on a proper road trip, it's time to take one. That said, you need the right gear to make a road trip fun — and safe. We've gathered the best Memorial Day sales on road-trip essentials below. Many of us here at Yahoo have these items in our own vehicles — these are tried-and-true picks for road warriors.

Before you start any road trip, your first course of action should be to check your tires. A low tire is not only dangerous, but it decreases fuel efficiency. The only reason you should stop on a road trip is when you're out of gas or candy — don't let a leak keep you down.

Save $8 with coupon and Prime
$8 at Amazon

Have you ever seen anything more genius than this Shark Tank favorite? It's a small clip that fits onto your car's vents and holds sauce packets. No more accidentally sticking your finger in the ketchup — now it's all in easy reach. 

Right this way for more of our favorite Shark Tank finds.

$10 at Amazon

Cars get messy. That's just how it is. Cut the clutter with this waterproof car trash can, available in 18 colors and patterns. It has storage pouches on the side too.

$8 at Amazon

Stop keeping your phone in your lap or on the center console. Mount it on the dash, where you can easily glance at it while keeping your eyes on the road.  

Save $5 with coupon
$12 at Amazon

Tired of sticking to your seat in a stifling vehicle? This blocks out sunlight while you're parked and reflects heat where you want it — away from your car. 

Save $4 with coupon
$14 at Amazon

Tired of things sliding around your car? This "purse holder" can hold so much more. It's a great way to keep things nice and tidy when you're spending hours on the road, and it can also be used to create a makeshift barrier between the front and back seats. 

Save $6 with Prime
$16 at Amazon

A dead battery is bad, but a flat tire might be worse. This tire inflator makes it easy to inject some wind in your sails (yeah, yeah, I know you're not road-tripping in a boat) and it's nearly 75% off. It can handle pressures of up to 150 PSI. 

$18 at Walmart

Remember how we said cars get dirty? Sometimes you might need to do a quick cleanup on the road, like if you spill fries or suffer a catastrophic M&M accident. This handheld vacuum plugs into the car and makes cleaning as simple as pressing a button. 

$24 at Amazon

"It's summer! Why do I need a heated blanket?" That's a question a lot of people ask, but not everyone runs the same temperature. If you have passengers that get cold when you crank up the air conditioning, this can be an easy way to keep everyone comfortable.

$24 at Amazon
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$29 at Walmart

The days of things falling into the cracks between your seats and the center console are over! The Drop Stop fills the gap between the seats and makes it easy to catch anything that would otherwise fall into the abyss, like your phone or a wayward fry. (Though that does mean you don't get to sing "Carry On My Wayward Fry" in a Weird Al-style tribute to Kansas.)

Save $1 with coupon
$24 at Amazon

On a road trip, your car is basically a second home, and no one wants their home to be cluttered. This trunk organizer makes it easy as pie to keep things in order, with multiple pockets for accessories, gear and groceries.

Save $11 with coupon
$24 at Amazon

Just in case something goes wrong, it pays to be prepared. This emergency kit comes with jumper cables, tools, reflective warning triangles and so much more.

Save $10 with code and coupon
$32 at Amazon

With a nonslip rubber bottom, easy-wash cover and memory foam interior, this cushion will stay cool and help you stay comfortable over all those long miles and bumpy roads. 

Save $26 with coupon and Prime
$34 at Amazon

Know what brings a road trip to a grinding halt? A dead battery. If you find yourself on the side of the road with a vehicle that won't start, this handy device can get you on your way in no time. 

Save $43 with coupon and Prime
$36 at Amazon

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you have to drink warm soda. This car fridge plugs into the dash and can keep contents anywhere from 4°F to 68°F. There are two storage zones, so you can have frozen goods on one side and refrigerated goods on the other. 

$240 at Amazon

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