Superman: Legacy May Have Found Its Leads

Picture of DC Comics' Superman lfying in the air.
Picture of DC Comics' Superman lfying in the air.

Though James Gunn’s Superman movie is a ways off, the new co-head of DC Films has been fairly open about his plans for the character and what he’s looking for in an actor to play him. Historically, playing the Man of Steel has been a bit of a mixed bag, and names are frequently floated out there (either true or not true), and he’s had no trouble shutting down rumors and stressing that no one’s been found yet. While that still hasn’t changed, it sounds like progress is well underway to finding the man who’ll spend the next several years playing

Per the Hollywood Reporter, the top name being floated around to play the Man of Steel in 2025's Superman: Legacy will be David Corenswet. The 29-year-old was recently seen in last year’s Pearl, and is presently in production on the TV adaptation of Lady in the Lake. Other names on that list include Euphoria star Jacob Elordi (who reportedly didn’t submit himself into the mix), and British actors Tom Brittney (Grantchester) and Andrew Richardson (To Call a Spy). But the outlet may not have it entirely right. According to Deadline’s Justin Kroll, another name being floated out there is The Menu’s Nicholas Hoult. While THR notes Hoult’s name was up for consideration—WB has apparently “loved him” ever since 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, and he was once meant considered for Batmanthe outlet claims that he may instead be up to play Superman’s longtime nemesis, Lex Luthor. Interestingly, he appears to be the only name out there for Lex.

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As for Superman’s love interest Lois Lane, THR reports that Emma Mackey (Death on the Nile), Rachel Brosnahan (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Samara Weaving (Scream 6), and Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton) are up for consideration. It’s not clear who may end up taking the role, though; Brosnahan reportedly had an “outstanding” audition, but at 32 years old, may end up being out of the 20-something age range Gunn’s said to be going for.

Sources speaking to THR said some of the actors listed have yet to screen test, and may just be in the mix of potential names. One specifically said that WB and Gunn were “nowhere near a decision.” But it’s the first real bit of casting news we’ve had on this particular project, and it’ll be interesting to see who ends up playing these characters in what’s going to be the next step forward for DC’s movies for at least the next decade.

Superman: Legacy is expected to release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

Update: In response to the casting news going around, Gunn stated on Twitter that he has a practice of not talking about actors that were being considered for roles, only those who’ve already booked a part. (And even then, only after an actor has explicitly talked about it after the fact.) Interestingly though, he cryptically teased that a role has already been cast for Superman: Legacy, saying it wasn’t “any of the regular players in the Superman world.” And he punctuated his statement with a mermaid emoji.

Let the speculation continue even further.

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