Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade is the Best-Selling Item on Xbox

Starfield player looking at gas giant
Starfield player looking at gas giant

While many players are already enjoying Starfield in early access, Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG doesn’t technically release until September 6. However, many gamers are eager to get their hands on it, making Starfield’s Premium Edition Upgrade the best-selling item on Xbox.

Starfield’s Premium Edition Upgrade is a best seller in the US and UK

As Pure Xbox reported, the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade is the best-selling item on the Xbox marketplace in both the US and UK. It also managed to break the UK’s top-ten physical sales for games. The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade placed seventh this week, coming in behind Mortal Combat 11 Ultimate and Grand Theft Auto 5. As Christopher Dring from said in a recent tweet, “That’s impressive for a code in a box that just unlocks the game a few days early for Game Pass subscribers.” He wondered if this might start a trend of other studios doing something similar.

Starfield’s Premium Edition Upgrade provides a variety of perks for those who purchase it. This includes a digital artbook and soundtrack, cosmetic upgrades for the player’s rifle, spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack. Players will also get access to Starfield’s planned story DLC, though Bethesda hasn’t announced the expansion’s release date yet. However, the biggest perk for some players may be the five-day early access period.

Game Pass Subscribers can upgrade to Starfield Premium Edition and unlock Early Access for only $3.50. However, non-subscribers will need to pay quite a lot more for the privilege. The Premium Edition Upgrade retails for $35 on top of the $70 for the base game. They can also buy the Starfield Premium Edition as a single package for $100.

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