Spotify Wrapped Is Finally out—Here's How to See Yours

Spotify Wrapped was released today and is best viewed on the Spotify mobile app.
Spotify Wrapped was released today and is best viewed on the Spotify mobile app.

Sorry Apple Music fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for insufferable Spotify users—it’s time for Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped is the music streaming service’s analysis and greatest hits playlist of your individual listening habits, compiling each person’s top artists, songs, podcasts, and genres all into a neat little slideshow right in your Spotify app. While Apple Music has finally caught up and released their version this year, called Replay, Spotify Wrapped came first, and this year it’s even spawned a spinoff, Instafest, which compiles your listening habits into an individualized music festival.

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Here’s what you need to do to get the download on your listening habits on Spotify.

How do I find my Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is best viewed on the mobile app, but you can also find it via desktop. Upon opening the Spotify app, you should be greeted with a message on your homepage that reads “Your 2022 Wrapped is ready,” either as a popup or beneath your recommendations. Simply tapping on this message will send you down the rabbit hole of your 2022 listening habits via a slideshow formatted much like an Instagram Story. You can also navigate to your Wrapped via the search tab at the bottom of the Spotify app. Viewing Spotify Wrapped on desktop will show you the final playlist of your most listened to songs, but without the slideshow. A link to it will appear either on your Spotify home or search page. Wrapped requires an updated version of the app, so you may have to visit the App Store or the Play Store to see the data visualization.

What’s will be on my Spotify Wrapped this year?

Every year, Spotify finds new statistics to share about your listening habits. It includes total minutes listened, top songs and artists, and what genres you explored throughout the day. This year, Spotify will first tell you how many genres you explored, and what your top five genres were, as well as describe how the genres you listened to changed throughout the day. For example, Spotify said I listened to “Melancholy Cozy Nostalgia” in the mornings, “Chill Relaxing Upbeat” in the evenings, and “Pumpkin Spice Cottagecore Passionate” at night—I have no idea what songs fall into these genres, even though they were supposedly my favorites.

The most prestigious metric in Spotify Wrapped is arguably how long you spent listening to music this year, and according to mine I listened to 42,767 minutes of music, which is over 29 days. Another quirky inclusion this year is Spotify trying to gauge your “listening personality,” as they put it. My listening personality was “The Adventurer” which, according to the app, is a “seeker of sound” with characteristics of exploration, newness, variety, and uniqueness. Cute! I can get down with it.

Please roast me in the comments.

In addition to the example I just shared above, I do feel the need to disclose my top artists and songs, which is the official litmus test for how well you will get along with me. According to Spotify Wrapped:

My top artists are:

  1. Taylor Swift (is anyone surprised?)

  2. MUNA


  4. Fickle Friends

  5. Charli XCX

MUNA - Anything But Me (Official Video)

My top songs are:

  1. Anything But Me - MUNA

  2. Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me - Bad Suns

  3. What I Want - MUNA

  4. He Said She Said - CHVRCHES

  5. Alone - Fickle Friends

My top genre, obviously, was pop.

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