Someone Made a Keyboard That Is Nothing but a #Hashtag

USB hastag keyboard
USB hastag keyboard

No matter how insulting the hashtag is to the world’s language purists and social media skeptics, the little symbol is here to stay. And now it’s moving on up in the world, with its own Kickstarter project for a dedicated keyboard.

The London-based project was started by former community manager Ben Gomori, who — as his bio puts it — knows “how annoying it can be not having a hashtag key.”

The gadget, called HashKey, is simple. One end is a USB cable that plugs into the port of your laptop, and the other end is a single, suspiciously-Apple-inspired key with a hashtag on it. That’s it.

Judging from his promotional video’s tongue-and-cheek tone, it’s clear Gomori understands that his invention isnt an earth-shattering innovation. In fact, its likely more a stunt made for someone to notice him, since he recently went freelance. But, hey, its better than a potato salad.

If youre interested in joining Gomoris righteous fight for hashtag equality, you can donate a minimum of $1 on the site. So far hes only 2 percent funded, with 26 days to go. #NotLookingGood.

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