How to solve the clock puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

 Resident Evil 4 clock puzzle ashley
Resident Evil 4 clock puzzle ashley

The Resident Evil 4 clock puzzle in the Remake, where you play as Ashley, is about setting the grandfather clocks to the right time - but what is the right time, and how do you find it out? With no easy signs of where to look and the Resident Evil 4 Remake being its characteristically unhelpful self, we explain how to solve the clock puzzle, and what you find in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The Resident Evil 4 clock puzzle explained

Resident Evil 4 clock puzzle ashley
Resident Evil 4 clock puzzle ashley

Both grandfather clocks you can interact with in Resident Evil 4 are actually secret doors that open when the clocks are set to the correct time of 11.04. The way to find this out is on a note in the nameless room north of the library and south of the Grand Hall, where on a table on the West side of the room is a piece of paper that displays the correct time and the word "clock" in Spanish.

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We haven't tried to enter the correct time into the clocks before finding the note - so it's possible it works without finding the clue - but in case it doesn't, you can find the note's location on the map above. There are two grandfather clocks in Ashley's section, one encountered earlier when beginning the section and one in the same room as the note, on the Eastern wall. Both of them can be opened by setting them to the time 11.04, at which point it won't come up again.

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