Siri’s Next Big Trick: Naming That Tune?


Siri: Name that tune!

Apple is planning on partnering with Shazam to bring song identification software to its upcoming mobile software update iOS 8.

Bloomberg reports that the feature will be integrated into iOS the same way Twitter’s service is currently incorporated. This means iOS owners won’t have to download a separate app.

One of the ways it can be used will be through Siri, where an iPhone owner can ask it, “What song is playing?” to find out its details. Shazam’s software “listens” to a song through the phone’s microphone and then identifies the artist, title, and album, based on what it hears.

Apple also plans to roll out iTunes Radio outside the U.S. later this year, and it’s rumored that the company is considering releasing a subscription-music service that would compete with the likes of Spotify and Rdio.

Incorporating music-recognition into a mobile OS isn’t exactly new. Windows Phone owners have had a music-recognition service built into Bing since WP 7.5 (Mango), while Android added a similar feature onto Google Now in the U.S. back in March.

Apple is set to preview iOS 8 at its annual developer conference that kicks off on June 2 in San Francisco.

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