Samsung's next flagship phones might get a battery-boosting AI feature

 The Galaxy S24 Plus lying face down on rocks.
The Galaxy S24 Plus lying face down on rocks.

What you need to know

  • Samsung might be working on a new feature called "Battery AI" that could save up to 10% battery life on next year's Galaxy S25 series.

  • The details aren't crystal clear, but it seems like Battery AI might smartly shut down unnecessary background tasks to save power without slowing down the phone.

  • The feature is expected to work with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500 processors.

Samsung could be developing a new AI feature that will supposedly save users up to 10% battery life in next year's Galaxy S25 series.

A tipster who goes by the name PandaFlash on X (formerly Twitter) has shared some inside information from an unnamed source about Samsung's new feature dubbed "Battery AI." The new solution will reportedly boost the battery life of the Galaxy S25 series by 5% to 10% (via Wccftech).

Some software solutions already stretch out battery life by dialing back the processing power or toning down certain components, like 5G modems. PandaFlash didn't get the specifics on how Samsung's Battery AI works, but the tipster claims it might find sneaky background tasks that drain your battery without hurting your phone's speed.

But even if this feature pans out, it won't magically give the phone a bigger battery. It would likely be a super-smart way to manage what's running in the background, kind of like closing unused tabs on your computer to save power. This could involve stopping background activity of unused apps or adjusting settings based on how you use your phone.

Earlier reports suggested the Samsung Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25 Plus, and Galaxy S25 Ultra might not get a battery boost, but this AI feature could help them last longer anyway.

PandaFlash didn't really specify if Battery AI will launch with the next flagship Samsung phones, but since they mostly talk about the 2025 flagship line, it's a safe bet that the feature could debut early next year with the Galaxy S25 series.

It would also need to be compatible with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500 processors expected to run the 2025 models.

This feature seems like it would fit right in with Samsung's Galaxy AI suite of features. Galaxy AI has already made a big mark on smartphones by pushing the envelope on AI integration. If this rumor is correct, it makes sense that the Galaxy S25 would be next in line to get some brainy battery-saving technology.