Samsung Will Launch Another Smartwatch This Year, This One Powered by Android Wear

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By Zach Epstein, BGR

If you’re confused when it comes to Samsung’s smartwatch strategy, don’t worry — it looks like Samsung is just as confused as you are.

Last year, the company launched the Galaxy Gear, powered by a heavily customized version of Android. Suffice it to saywe were not fans of the Galaxy Gear.

Earlier this month, three new smartwatches were added to the company’s lineup. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are powered by Samsung’s own Tizen software, and the Gear Fit runs a completely different real-time operating system.

Now, Reuters has confirmed with Hankil Yoon, Samsung’s senior vice president of product design, that the company is currently developing its fifth smartwatch. And in keeping with the company’s strategy thus far,Verge says it has confirmed what Yoon hints at in his Reuters interview: The new device will run Android Wear, which is a tweaked version of Android that Google unveiled earlier this year.

This will be the fourth different software platform Samsung has used to power its smartwatches.

If the emerging smartphone market is a battle field, Samsung apparently wants every weapon it can possibly stuff into its arsenal.

Yoon also confirmed to Reuters that Samsung is working on a new high-end smartphone powered by its Tizen operating system, and it will apparently launch sometime in the next couple of months.

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