You can try the new Windows 10 Start Menu right now for free

Windows 8 was an absolute disaster. Microsoft’s attempt to bridge the gap between desktop computers and tablets was a failure, and it ended up driving customers crazy. In fact, it was such a disaster that several top Microsoft executives are no longer with the company. Now, with Windows 10, Microsoft will try to undo much of the damage it has done over the past few years.

And from the looks of things, the company is off to a good start.

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Windows 10 dials back much of the “modern UI” that people abhorred and replaces it with an interface that is reminiscent of Windows 7, with hints of modernization here and there.

Perhaps most importantly, the Start Screen most people found to be the worst part of Windows 8 can now essentially be replaced with a completely redesigned Start Menu, which has made its triumphant return. And best of all, you can download a preview build of Windows 10 for free right now and try it out yourself.

Microsoft detailed all of the changes in the new Windows 10 preview build in a post on its Windows blog, where you’ll also find a link to download the new build complete with the nifty new Start Menu.

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