Samsung’s new 55-inch OLED Mirror and Transparent displays are straight out of the future

Samsung yesterday introduced two new eye popping 55-inch OLED displays, one being a mirror and the other a transparent display (seen above).

Seemingly straight out of the future, the displays will initially be positioned for retail use, with Samsung boasting that the displays will help transform personalized shopping with a more visually engaging experience.

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When coupled with Intel’s Real Sense technology, Samsung says that its displays instantly transform into interactive wardrobes that can “enable consumers to virtually ‘see’ clothes or other retail items from an extremely realistic, customized perspective.”

Imagine going into a store and using a “virtual fitting room” to see what you’d look like wearing different kinds of shirts, shores, and even jewelry.

From a retail perspective, Samsung is confident that the displays will help increase point of purchase and sales.

Looking ahead, Samsung believes that its mirror OLED technology might even replace traditional mirrors in the home some day.

samsung oled mirror
samsung oled mirror

“Samsung has a long legacy of leadership in technology innovation for digital signage, as well as for other applications, and we are now leading the next wave of digital signage advancement with our Mirror and Transparent OLED display solutions,” Samsung VP Oseung Yang said in a press release. “We are very excited to help bring a new interactive dimension to the world of multi-channel shopping through the integration of our newest OLED displays…”

With respect to technical specs, Samsung’s Mirror OLED display boasts a 75% reflectance level, a level which Samsung claims is at least 50% greater than competing Mirror LCDs. Samsung Mirror OLED display also features a “much improved color gamut”, fast response times, and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

Samsung’s Transparent OLED display seems just as impressive, featuring a high color gamut, visual clarity at even wide viewing angles, and a transparency level of over 40%. In contrast, Samsung points out that transparent LCD displays typically feature a transparency level of just 10%.

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