Apple Watch orders will soon be available for in-store pickup

The Apple Watch purchasing process is markedly different than anything Apple has ever done in the past. With the Apple Watch, interested buyers are only able order the device online whereupon it’s then shipped to either their residence or place of business.

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With Apple Watch supply likely starting to catch up to demand, MacRumors recently noticed that Apple is finally prepping an option that will allow users with Apple Watch orders to pickup their device in-store.

If you select an Apple Watch model on Apple’s website and go to the check-out page, you’ll see a new option called “Pick up:”.

apple watch pickup
apple watch pickup

Once selected, you can type in a zip code and see which stores in your area support in-store pickup. I tried a few zip codes across a number of big U.S. cities and couldn’t find a store where pickup was yet possible. Still, with the option now showing up for the first time, it stands to reason that it’s only a matter of time before consumers will be able to walk into their local Apple Store and pick up their new device in person.

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