Report: New Details on Xbox Published Games Coming to PlayStation

Hi-Fi Rush: Peppermint and Chai fist bump.
Hi-Fi Rush: Peppermint and Chai fist bump.
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We’re still living in an era in which consoles maintain some degree of exclusivity, and Xbox is no exception to this. However, there’s a possibility that Microsoft may open things up a bit by allowing some of its games to become available on non-Xbox platforms.

We may find out this week

According to sources speaking to The Verge, the likes of the PS5 and Nintendo Switch may see some Xbox-exclusive titles being released on them. As for which ones in particular, it’s been alleged that Tango Gameworks‘ hit rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush could be one of them.

Alongside this, we may also get to see Obsidian Entertainment‘s medieval, text-heavy Pentiment also coming to rival consoles. Microsoft is also said to be “planning to launch Sea of Thieves” on competing systems as well, with “other first-party titles also under consideration.”

While these are still rumors at this stage, allowing the above exclusives – plus others – to become available on Sony and Nintendo platforms would represent a “seismic shift in strategy,” and not a decision “Microsoft will have taken lightly.”

The company is asking fans to tune in to a “special edition” of the Official Xbox Podcast this Thursday. According to a recent post on X, Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty will be sharing “updates on the Xbox business.”

Given this, it’s possible we’ll know more about whether the speculations are true. If so, it could open up a new world of consoles dropping ironclad exclusivity policies. Maybe one day we’ll see The Last of Us or Death Stranding on Xbox Series X|S. However, that’s pure speculation at this stage.

For now, we’ll have to check out the Xbox podcast this week. Hopefully, all will be revealed about what the company has planned regarding the possible future of exclusivity.

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