Click'N'Pizza Is a Magic Button That Delivers Pizza to Your House in One Click


Ordering pizza is easy. An order can be placed by anyone, from harried multitaskers to the extremely inebriated to little children (“Pepperoni, please!”).

But what if it were as easy as pressing a single button on the fridge?

Say hello to the Click’N’Pizza. Invented by an Italian startup called La Comanda, the Click’N’Pizza is a big magnetic button that sits on your refrigerator. When you push it, your favorite pizza order is sent in to the local pizza place and a pizza is sent to your house.

That’s it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a glorious pizza future. 

Carlo Brianza, the CEO and founder of La Comanda, is a pleasant Italian man with salt-and-pepper hair and a passion for both pizza and simplicity.

“I can order my favorite pizza with one click,” he said, holding down a big red button until an exuberant “Pizza is coming!” message appeared on the screen.

“This is the real one click,” he added. “Not the Web one click.”


The button features a circular screen and connects to your home Wi-Fi to communicate with your local pizza place. The Click’N’Pizza’s battery is rechargeable via a Micro USB cable and otherwise lasts up to 10 days. Pushing the button feels a bit like pushing the Staples easy button (an obvious precedent to the Click’N’Pizza.)

Of course, you have to input your information beforehand. When you buy the button, you enter your address and contact and payment information, as well as up to four of your favorite orders. Your number one selection can be ordered with a single press; your secondary orders can be found by spinning the button, which operates like the iPod’s click wheel. An electronic screen on the button lets you know what you’ve selected and then confirms your order in the most excited terms.


La Comanda introduced the Click’N’Pizza at the Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona; this morning it also announced a partnership with Pizza Hut in North America. Pizza Hut will sell branded Click’N’Pizza buttons this summer at select locations.

Brianza said that more partnerships are coming; the plan for now is to sell the buttons to restaurants, which would then place their own designs on the buttons and sell them in stores.

Click’N’Pizza is really just the beginning of Brianza’s planned one-click empire. Press materials list other possibilities: Click’N’Taxi to call your local car service immediately; Click’N’Coffee to reorder your favorite Nespresso pods; Click’N’FedEx to let your delivery guy know you’ve got a package that needs sending.

There is also an idea to team up with an online food delivery service, which would let you choose the restaurant of your choice and store your favorite takeout order on the button, too. For example, let’s say I am constantly ordering General Tso’s Chicken at 1 a.m. on Friday nights. It’s unlikely that my local Chinese restaurant would offer its own branded button, but Seamless might. That deal has yet to materialize.


Whether any of this happens seemingly depends on the world’s appetite for whimsy. The one-click pizza button isn’t so much easier than just ordering a pizza on your smartphone or laptop. There is no question that it is a little faster and way, way more fun: But how much are folks willing to pay to smash a giant button for immediate pizza?

As with so many things, that is the question. Neither La Comanda nor Pizza Hut have announced prices for the first Click’N’Pizza, which will enter a test phase sometime this summer.

Until then, you’ll just have to order your pizza the old-fashioned way: via cell phone, and without the satisfaction of mashing a big red button beforehand. The future can’t come soon enough.