Pokémon Concierge On Game Boy Is Too Good To Be Real

Image: Brandon James Greer / Netflix / Kotaku
Image: Brandon James Greer / Netflix / Kotaku
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Pokémon Concierge, the stop-motion animated series that launched on Netflix in December, is a total vibe. After spending time watching a lovely series about a Pokémon resort, I almost don’t want to go back to battling and training. I just want to hang out with all these little guys and take a neverending vacation. Unfortunately, that’s not the core of most Pokémon games, but it is nice to picture what a Pokémon Concierge video game could look like. Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine it, as some artists have already created a mock-up of it for the original Game Boy, though it’s unfortunately not a playable game.

The project started with some lovely pixel art from artist Brandon James Greer showing protagonist Haru alongside her Psyduck, bopping along with several other Pokémon at the resort where she works. This includes the shy little Pikachu who was the star of the series’ fourth episode, who is naturally hiding behind one of the pillars in the lobby. On its own, it’s a great little tribute to the show, as well as the series’ Game Boy roots. But once GB Studio Central, a website dedicated to the retro creation tool GB Studio, got a hold of the original file with Greer’s blessing, they got it running on Game Boy Color hardware.

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