Play your vinyl records through any smart speaker with the A2D2 Stream

 A2D2 Stream.
A2D2 Stream.

Looking to bridge the gap between the analogue world and modern wireless streaming? The A2D2 Stream is a neat little device that allows you to listen to your favourite records in any room of the house.

It connects to sources such as record players, CD players, or tape decks and converts the analogue audio to a digital signal. It then transmits this information via wi-fi to wireless speakers in the room or even around the home. What’s unique about the A2D2 Stream is its ability to stream to different brands of wireless smart speakers simultaneously.

There’s an ever-growing appetite for ways to integrate wireless speakers into the wired analogue domain. We see more and more turntables with built-in phono stages and Bluetooth capabilities, for example.

Some purists may scoff at the idea of taking an analogue signal (from a vinyl record or cassette tape) and then transmitting it wirelessly. For others, the convenience and flexibility it affords cannot be ignored.

A2D2 Stream
A2D2 Stream

The team behind the A2D2 acknowledge that it’s not as easy as it used to be to crank up an old-school hi-fi system with bulky speakers. They said their "soul was crushed" whenever they saw their dusty turntable sitting unused in a corner of a spare room. As a result, the A2D2 Stream was created as a way to enjoy records with any smart speaker network available. You can connect to Sonos, AirPlay, Alexa, Denon HEOS and Chromecast speakers with minimal setup.

It’s a unit that should fit almost anywhere thanks to its ‘credit card-sized footprint’ and discreet design. The A2D2 Stream is said to offer 48KHz analogue to digital conversion and features a stereo phono in/output and a 3.5mm line output. Alongside wi-fi capabilities, it also includes an Ethernet port if you prefer a wired internet connection.

The A2D2 Stream is available to order now and costs £149. It also comes with free shipping to UK, EU and US addresses.


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