The PC Gaming Show returns June 9 to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and the most exciting new PC games

 PC Gaming Show 10th Anniversary Logo.
PC Gaming Show 10th Anniversary Logo.

The weather is warming and the snow is melting, which can only mean one thing: It's nearly Game Announcement Season and almost time for the best showcase of them all, the PC Gaming Show, which will return June 9 at 1 pm Pacific (4 pm ET/9 pm BST).

The opportunity to share news about some of the most exciting upcoming PC games is always special for us, but this year's PC Gaming Show is a little extra special, because it's also the show's 10-year anniversary.

Back when you could still tell people "merry E3," PC Gamer's editors noticed a big gap in the June press conference lineup: no show dedicated to PC gaming, which unlike the consoles isn't cared for by a single company. So we decided to make one ourselves, and a decade later, the PC Gaming Show is still going strong.

This year, you can expect some reflection on the positively transformative changes PC gaming has seen in that time, but don't worry, we won't let the navel gazing get in the way of the world premieres, exclusive announcements, and developer interviews. You can expect over 50 games at this year's PC Gaming Show.

We'll be streaming the show on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Steam, and Bilibili, but you can also catch it via one of our official co-streaming partners⁠. That's right, you can watch it with your favorite Twitch streamer instead of us, and we won't even be too hurt. Interested in teaming up with us as one of those co-streamers? Fill out our form for partner content creators.

You can keep abreast of PC Gaming Show updates via its official website.

Last November, we introduced a second show to our yearly lineup with PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, which revealed dozens of new trailers and a list of the 25 upcoming games we and our panel of experts are most excited for.