Now You Can Reenact the Solange/Jay Z Elevator Attack of 2014 in an Android Game


It’s been a mere 48 hours since TMZ released a video of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, violently attacking Jay Z in an elevator. And there now exists a free Android game based around the incident.

The app, uncreatively titled “Solange Attacks Jay Z - Game,” features an 8-bit character in a white tuxedo, meant to resemble the legendary rapper in his Givenchy Met Ball getup. He stands on the red carpet as you, the player, furiously tap him, each time bringing a blow from an orange-heeled foot, meant to resemble Solange’s peach-hued Phillip Lim outfit.

If you get enough kicks before your time runs out, Jay Z’s outfit crumbles apart, and you “win” the game. 


To be honest, I would’ve much preferred a game where Beyoncé surfborts through gobs of paparazzi to protect Blue Ivy. This whole thing is a little queasy-making, considering that family violence is not necessarily cool to poke fun at (even though the entirety of Twitter seems to have no problem with it).

Still, the sole fact that this game exists says something both about the economic power of a heavily searched topic and our own strange glorification of celebrity misfortune. If you’re not turned off, you can play Solange Attacks Jay Z - Game right here.

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