You can now edit messages in Snapchat — but there are restrictions


Snapchat is finally adding the ability to edit sent messages — with a huge caveat. This is among several upcoming changes to the messaging app.

As first seen at ZDNet, the app lets users edit sent messages. However, users only have 5 minutes from when the message was sent to edit it, and they must do it before the person on the other end responds. Once they've answered, the message is locked in with the typos and mean things they didn't mean to say.

Yet another caveat, while the feature is coming, it will only be available to Snapchat+ subscribers. No announcement on when editing will make its way downstream to everyone else.

As a comparison, Instagram allows editing and users have 15 minutes before they’re locked into their typos. There's also no subscription required to edit messages on the Meta-owned social network.

While Snapchat has had emojis and Bitmoji avatars for some time, users haven’t been able to react to messages with emojis. Instead, they could react with their Bitmoji, which is cool, I guess. This surprisingly delayed feature is now available. Let the fire emojis reign free, kind of like farting on a call in Android.

Along with the chat emoji reactions, the company is also adding the ability to react to their friends on Snap Map. "Send a wave as you pass each other on the morning commute or a heart when you see a friend has arrived safely at their destination," the company said in the announcement. These are only available for people who have opted to share their location.

Speaking of Bitmoji, Snap is adding a new way for users to customize their avatars. The feature utilizes AI prompts to allow users to create "unique" patterns, which can then be placed on avatar outfits.

Finally, Snap has been promoting its artificial intelligence tool, My AI. The latest updates add new ways to use it. The My AI tool is powered by ChatGPT, though Snap hasn’t revealed what version it uses. As a reminder, proceed with caution.

Users can now either message the My AI tool directly to set up a reminder or do it in a conversation with a friend. The tool then creates an in-app calendar notification.

Snapchat has leaned into AI this year, having introduced features to enhance Snaps, generate captions and create AI images on the platform.

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