Note-taking gets easier as reMarkable 2 makes its debut in India

 ReMarkable 2 launches in India.
ReMarkable 2 launches in India.

Starting today (Jan.15), reMarkable 2, a tablet designed to mimic the feel of pen and paper, is now available for purchase in India via

The reMarkable 2 has a 10.3-inch monochrome digital paper display with a resolution of 1872 x 1404. It offers a unique experience, allowing users to take notes, doodle, and review documents seamlessly while maintaining the tactile sensation of writing in a notebook.

The device also gives customers the freedom to mix and adjust handwritten content on a single page, annotate PDFs and e-books directly, and manage notes and documents using folders and tags. The device also enables the conversion of handwritten notes into typed text.

"We're incredibly excited to bring reMarkable 2 to India. We've designed reMarkable 2 to empower people to think better among the many distractions of the connected world, and we believe Indians will appreciate our approach," said Phil Hess, CEO at reMarkable.

Remarkable 2
Remarkable 2

Designed to minimize distractions, reMarkable 2 allows users to focus on their tasks without interruptions, unlike other tablets that constantly send you notifications or take you down the doom-scrolling rabbit hole.

Additionally, the tablet facilitates seamless cross-device functionality by connecting to cloud-based mobile and desktop apps. This allows users to capture ideas and build on their thoughts on their laptop/phone without having to look for the tablet.

This functionality requires a separate Connect subscription. By subscribing to Connect, users can get unlimited cloud storage and sync and up to 3 years of extra device protection.

The device can be bought separately or as a bundle, which includes two accessories: Marker Plus, a pen with a built-in eraser, and Book Folio, a protective cover.

Additional accessories like the Type Folio, a keyboard with a protective case, can be purchased separately.

someone reading a remarkable
someone reading a remarkable

Pricing and availability

  • reMarkable 2 will be available for a suggested retail price of ₹43,999 for the bundle including reMarkable 2 and Marker Plus, and ₹53,799 for the bundle including reMarkable 2, Marker Plus, and Book Folio in gray polymer weave.

  • Marker Plus (₹13,599), and Type Folio (₹19,499) will be available for purchase separately. No-cost equated monthly installment (EMI) payment plans are also available.

  • A free 1-year Connect trial is included with a purchase of the reMarkable 2 bundle, then costs ₹299/month or ₹2990/year, which can be canceled anytime.