TRY IT: New Sonos Logo Design Pulses Like a Speaker When Scrolled

Go ahead and give the page a wiggle. The pulsing effect you see, akin to a throbbing speaker, is the outcome of a new identity created for Sonos by Bruce Mau Design. It’s not clear if the illusion is intentional as it’s never mentioned in the synopsis of work — if not, the moiré effect resembling sound waves traveling along a span of catgut is a very happy accident, indeed.

BMD’s been working with Sonos since 2011. The 2014 revisions are meant to be mixed and remixed with a language as variable as the musical tastes that Sonos serves. The New York subway car wrap is a good example of how the branding manages to evoke train graffiti birthed by hip hop culture while still communicating the SONOS palindrome.


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