New, Revamped Firefox Looks and Acts More Like Google Chrome

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(The Next Web)

With version 29 of its Firefox browser, Mozilla debuts the Australis interface and a new Accounts function, allowing users to synchronize data and settings across multiple devices. All in all, the updates place Firefox more in line with Google Chrome, which is currently the world’s most popular browser.

Australis is characterized by its redesigned tabs, which have rounder corners and are brought forward when open, and by an intuitive and customizable menu. Located in the upper-right corner, the menu offers quick access to the browser’s features, settings, and functions (add-ons, history, developer, full-screen mode, and so on). On opening the new Firefox for the first time, users will find a short guide to the changes.

(The Next Web)

The updated Firefox interface is unmistakably similar to that of Google’s Chrome. And, like Chrome fans, Firefox fans can now create an account and sync their bookmarks, passwords, and settings in order to access them from any device.

To download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can run an update on your current version or download the latest version directly from Mozilla’s server here.