Moon+ Reader review

A complete book reader with built-in online and offline library support, Moon+ Reader impresses with its wide array of features and dashing performance, turning out to be a hard to resist app for book lovers.


Integrates with online libraries: One of Moon+ Reader's distinguishing features is its support for Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, ManyBooks, and Smashwords, popular online libraries from where you can download classics as well as works by indie authors in multiple formats, with just a few taps.

Reading and customization features: Moon+ Reader has it all -- 12 pleasant themes with automatic day/night mode switching, advanced key-mapping that enables you to assign swipe gestures or screen taps to events such as navigation or search, quick visual tweaks for fonts and alignment, text-to-speech, highlights, annotations, and online as well as offline dictionary integration. Getting used to all these takes time, but once you become familiar with them, you end up with one of the most advanced mobile e-book readers around.

Makes reading on the go a pleasure: With its pleasant design and smooth overall performance, this app can make reading on your smartphone or tablet a more enjoyable experience than the one provided by the limited default Android book reader, helping you to discover and grab wonderful free books easily and digest them properly, whether it's a thick novel by Tolstoy or a piece of flash fiction from a Smashwords author.


Fullscreen ads: The banner at the bottom of the screen that appears on the main screen isn't such a big problem because it disappears in the reading screen; however, now and then, and especially before you quit the app, an annoying fullscreen ad pops up.

No PDF support: The app supports pretty much all other e-book formats except for PDF. To get that, you have to upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99.

Bottom Line

Although it's not as advanced as the Pro version, this free edition of Moon+ Reader feels like a complete e-book reading app in itself. If you don't mind a few ads and the lack of PDF support, it will bring you a better mobile reading experience than most other similar apps. Whether you already have a big library of books on your device or want to start a new one by exploring free online libraries, you'll enjoy this app.

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