Mio Slice Makes Fitness Tracking Easier with a Single Score

Using a fitness tracker for the first time can be overwhelming. How many steps should you take? How high should your heart rate get? How many calories do you need to burn?

Credit: Mio
Credit: Mio

Credit: Mio

But it may not have to be so complicated. One company aims to translate all of those stats into one score, with a simple goal like you'd have in grade school: 100.

Heart-rate technology company Mio has developed what it calls its Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) system, an algorithm that takes into consideration your basic personal data such as height and weight, plus the amount of time you spend with an elevated heart rate, and time spent doing high-intensity exercises, and spits out a single number. The goal: Stay active enough that your weekly score is 100 or better.

With Mio's new $129 Slice wristband fitness tracker, now available at Brookstone, consumers can keep track of their PAI score, activity and sleep, plus get smartphone notifications. Later this year, Apple Watch users will be able to get their PAI scores using an Apple Watch app, plus a new Mio Link 2 heart rate monitoring module that can be placed on the wrist, forearm or upper arm. Mio hasn't yet disclosed a price for the Link 2.

While we see this novel take on fitness tracking an easy entryway for those who aren't already obsessed with their personal activity data, some of us are happily up to our ears in the data we use to quantify ourselves.

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