Microsoft quietly improves Edge browser with a new internet tester and fixes

 Microsoft Edge browser.
Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to its Edge browser which adds a host of security and stability fixes alongside a dedicated internet speed test as well.

As spotted by Techspot, the Microsoft Edge browser update Version 124.0.2478.80 has brought in a new internet speed test built into the sidebar as well as fixes aimed at plugging a couple of glaring security vulnerabilities that were highlighted by the community from a prior update.

It's worth noting that Edge did have a built-in speed tester, much as Google Chrome does right now, but it was removed for about a year before being re-implemented in the sidebar alongside a redesigned world clock, unit converter, translator, dictionary, and calculator all available shorthand. While far from exciting, it sure sounds useful.

A screenshot of Microsoft Edge's new Speed Test feature
A screenshot of Microsoft Edge's new Speed Test feature

You can use the new sidebar feature from the Red Toolbox as found at the top of the righthand corner which will expand the newly refreshed items into view. However, while the internet speed test is accessed from this menu, it will open up in a separate browser window and then give you the upload and download score.

The new feature is yet another reason why many think Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome despite the latter's popularity. Google still retains favor despite advancements made by Microsoft's built-in Windows browser which comes pre-installed with every copy of Windows 11, but Microsoft continues to try and innovate its way to broader popularity (as well as some shameless pleading to stick with its browser as your default).

Another step towards a definitive web browser

While Microsoft Edge may not quite have the same level of fame and success that Google Chrome does, a steady string of updates and innovations like this may be enough to turn the tide.

Edge generally has lower power consumption, and, most crucially, goes easier on your RAM relative to Google Chrome when under the same level of stress.

Still, it has struggled to gain traction as people's preferred web browser, but continually rolling out new advancements like this built-in internet speed test is certainly a way to convince people of a browser's superior functionality.

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