Meg Foster Returns to He-Man with Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Headshot of actor Meg Foster with her Masters of the Universe: Revolution character, Motherboard.
Headshot of actor Meg Foster with her Masters of the Universe: Revolution character, Motherboard.

When Masters of the Universe: Revelation premiered on Netflix back in 2021, it turned out to be...actually not half bad. Instead of being an easy dip into the nostalgia well like it initially sounded like, the show was a fun, if flawed, return to the canon of the 1983 series that had grown with its audience and taken some interesting swings. And of course, it wasn’t really the end so much as it was a new beginning, which is going to continue with the sequel series, Masters of the Universe: Revolution.

Netflix and showrunner Kevin Smith have been fairly mum on Revolution ever since the follow-up’s announcement last year. But the streamer announced a new cast addition in the form of Meg Foster, who played Evil-Lyn in the 1987 Masters movie starring Dolph Lundgren. She’s on hand to voice the role of Motherboard in the upcoming show, and described in the press release as “a formidable force against the Masters, focused on plunging Eternia into imminent darkness.” Revelation ended with a tease of the character’s existence, and it seems she’ll be one of the primary antagonists of the new show. As Hordak’s emissary, the evil AI (well, evil-er AI) will use her powers to “manipulate Skeletor and the people of Eternia as she aims to ensnare the planet, and Grayskull, as a prize for Hordak.”

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Image:  Mattel/Netflix
Image: Mattel/Netflix

In that same press release, Foster (recently seen in Hellblazers and There’s No Such Thing as Vampires) called her original turn as Evil-Lyn “one of my most cherished roles. I am both thrilled and honored to come back into the fold to embody a brilliant, all-new villainous character that adds color to the vibrant storytelling that Kevin Smith and Mattel have brought to life for fans around the world.”

The explicit mention of Hordak by name is definitely going to raise some eyebrows for old head fans of the series. He’s one of the main villains of the MOTU franchise alongside Skeletor (whom he hates), and more recently popped up as the main baddie of Netflix’s unconnected She-Ra & the Princesses of Power cartoon from several years ago. She-Ra’s original 1985 series was itself a spinoff to the 1983 He-Man cartoon, which Smith’s two Netflix shows also are, so there’s some interesting flags being planted here for the future of these MOTU shows. If Revolution is being split into multiple parts like its predecessor was, maybe one of those halves will end with a tease of a revamped Adora.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is currently expected to release on Netflix in 2024.

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