Man Plans to Have Coffee with Each of His Facebook Friends — All 1,088 of Them


Would you have coffee with  all of your Facebook friends? Like, IRL?

An Australian man is planning to do just that with his recently launched “1,000+ Coffees” project.

Matt Kulesza, who started the effort last month, calls it “an exercise in remembering to socialize with and get to know people” outside of the social network.

“I plan to have a one-on-one coffee with every single one of my 1000+ Facebook ‘friends’ over the space of the next three years, or as long as it takes to complete,” Kulesza wrote on a Tumblr documenting each coffee date.


“I obviously don’t have 1,000 real-life friends,” the 28-year-old told “The point of the project is to see who these people actually are and get to know them.”

So far, Kulesza has had coffee with 29 of his 1,088 friends on Facebook. Here’s how Kulesza described his latest encounter:

“I was super excited for this afternoon’s coffee. I caught up with my old friend from high school, Balraj Sokhi, who I hadn’t seen in ten years. The first thing I noticed about Balraj was his change in accent. In high school he had a mish-mash of a Kenyan and Indian accent and it was interesting to hear his voice had evolved into a completely Australian accent (almost thicker than mine!). Thanks to Balraj’s amazingly healthy vegetarian/alcohol-free lifestyle and love of working out (he’s got a black belt in Taekwondo), Balraj looked healthy as ever and almost identical to how I remembered him looking when I last saw him.”

Kulesza says he’s aiming to have coffee with five people a week, which would put the completion of his project sometime in late 2018.

“I don’t really see it as a chore,” he said. “I enjoy having coffees with people.”


And the project has already paid off for Kulesza: He landed a part-time job through one of his encounters.

“I’ve known [my new boss] for quite a few years and she was one of my early ‘coffees,’ ” he explained. “She was looking for someone to do some part-time work, and said, ‘Why don’t you work for me?’ ”