Major phishing attempt targeting Verizon customers

INDIANAPOLIS – A cyber security company is warning Verizon customers to be on the lookout for a major phishing attempt that could show up in their inbox.

According to an alert from Fortra, scammers are blasting out emails that are realistic enough to look like they’re coming from Verizon.  According to Fortran, whoever is sending the emails has found ways to bypass traditional email security gateways and filtering tools so they land in your inbox instead of your junk folder.

The email itself may appear like a fake Verizon invoice, and it requires you to log in to your account and click a link provided in the message.  However, if you do that, you’re just handing over your login information.  And clicking the link could allow the bad guys to install malware on your computer or device.

Here’s a look at the email and sender information to be on the lookout for:

  • Sender’s Email:

  • Reply-to Address:

  • Sender’s Name: via SurveyMonkey

  • Registration Date: August 18, 2016

  • Organization: SurveyMonkey Inc.

This is the kind of phishing message that we all need to be on the lookout for, not just Verizon customers.  According to cyber security experts, if you get a suspicious email, you should hover your mouse over the sender’s name to see the actual email address.  If it looks shady, delete it.

Also, don’t click on links sent in an unsolicited email or text.  Instead, open your web browser and type in the address manually.

Another tip is to use a password manager that will fill in your login information automatically.  If it doesn’t do that, it probably means you’re on a bogus or risky website.

You should also be on guard if an email or text seems very urgent, as if you have to “act now.”  That’s a common way for scammers to get you flustered, so you act impulsively without thinking.

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