Need new luggage? Rolls-Royce will sell you this 6-piece set for $45,854

What do you think the nickname for a Rolls-Royce roller bag might be? A "roller roller?" No, really, I am asking. You tell me.

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On Friday, Rolls-Royce unveiled a six-piece luggage set made for jet-set Rolls-Royce owners who want to bring the elite elegance of their motorcar with them while they travel.

The $45,854 set isn't just rebadged Louis Vuitton luggage; it was created specifically for Rolls-Royce.

Image: Rolls-Royce

Just like the illustrious Rolls-Royce cars, the Grand Tourer piece of the luggage set includes self-righting wheel centers emblazoned with the double-R logo. That way, even if people don't see you get out of your Rolls, they'll know you have one.

Toss your clothes inside the Long Weekender piece and you won't ever have to worry about getting a $10,000 blouse stuck in an errant zipper. That's because it features magnetic fasteners carved from solid billet of machine-polished aerospace-grade aluminum. Magnifique!

Image: Rolls-Royce

Finishing off the whole look, the Rolls' The Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament shape is embossed into the outside of every piece.

If you'd like to know more about the set, you can ring your neighborhood Rolls-Royce showroom. Your second call should be me, because I'd like to be your new travel buddy.