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'Love these things!': These AirPod-compatible hooks stop your buds from falling out — and they're just $6

Don't you hate it when you're deep into the endorphins-and-tunes zone during a run and an earbud falls out? Totally breaks your flow ... and by the time you find the dang thing and pop it back in, your groove is lost. (Not to mention that the bud itself could be lost if it goes astray at the wrong time.) It's a problem a lot of people struggle with, especially those with ears that aren't "normal"-sized. Sports earbuds are designed to offer a bit more stability (sometimes at the cost of audio quality), but if you're an AirPods devotee, there's a better solution: Yinva Ear Hooks. While these aren't on sale, they're affordable and available on Amazon right now.

By all means, sweat up a storm when you're rocking the treadmill, but there's no reason to sweat losing your precious buds. 

$6 at Amazon

At only $6 for a pack, these are a veritable steal. It's a lot cheaper than buying a dedicated pair of earbuds just for your workout, too, especially since you can get all the quality of your high-end 'buds just by sliding them into the hooks.

Losing an earbud is always an annoyance, but it's a lot worse when you lose it on a run or at the gym. Nothing stops the music quite like dropping a weight on top of it. These hooks are specifically compatible with AirPods and AirPods Pro, but users report using them for quite a few other bud brands too.

Yinva Ear Hooks are crazy easy to set up — just slide your earbud in, adjust the length of the hook and you're on your way. They're also dirt-resistant, so if you turn into a geyser of perspiration during a workout, you can just rinse them off and let them dry. Just remember to remove your earbuds first.

We've pictured the transparent option, but they're also available in black, pink and white. Got more than one gym rat in the house? You can score two pairs of these in select color combos for $6.99 and three transparent pairs for just $7.99.

ear hooks
Headbang to your heart's content — these babies ain't going nowhere. (Amazon)

"Keep buds in ear!" raved one fan. "Love these things! I use Apple earbuds for exercise and chores, and they used to fall out when I’d move too much or get sweaty. I've had them in for two hours vacuuming my truck and working out, and these work perfectly."

"These are comfortable enough to wear all day," said another shopper.

It's an easy way to remedy day-to-day annoyance. "I got AirPods for Christmas and they just wouldn’t stay in my ears," related this once-frustrated giftee. "These were a nice solution ... they hold the earbuds in my ears well enough and aren’t too much of a pain."

What would you rather — snag a pair of these hooks for $6, or be on the hook for $100-plus to replace your Airpods? 

$6 at Amazon

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