I Stumbled Upon Some Of My Favorite Childhood PC Games And I Need To Talk About Them

I recently found a box of old computer games and was instantly met with all the childhood memories. Something about a '90s PC game hits different — back when games were megabytes instead of gigabytes.

I compiled a list of my favorites I hope will take you back to the good ol' days! Check out the YouTube walkthroughs linked below for even more reminiscing.

1.The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: Mystery of Mathra

Cover of "ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures" game showing two animated characters, one male and one female, with "Mathra" flying above

Not only were the puzzles fun, but the game had vibrant colors and a fun sidekick character that gave you hints. So good!

Animated image of two characters, a male and a female, with a monkey on a path, looking at a stone gate with numbers

2.The Oregon Trail: 5th Edition

Box art for "The Oregon Trail 5th Edition" game featuring illustrated pioneers and oxen

Choosing your supplies at the beginning was always my favorite part!

Screenshot of a computer game depicting a historical town scene with buildings and a character in period clothing

As you traveled in the game, a series of cutscenes followed Parker, Cassie, Jimmy, and Captain Jed, navigating their way to Oregon.

Animated characters resembling a family, with two children and a man in a hat, smiling

3.JumpStart 1st Grade

Cartoon dog with a pencil and notepad on "JumpStart 1st Grade" educational game cover

I'm impressed she had so many pennies to begin with.

Illustration from a children's book showing two girls at a candy machine, one holding out a quarter to another
Knowledge Adventure / Via youtube.com

Doesn't that cafeteria food look appetizing?

Cartoon of a boy and dog at a food table with various labeled food options, highlighting pasta
Knowledge Adventure / Via youtube.com

4.Backyard Baseball

Cover of "Backyard Baseball 2001" video game featuring cartoon children in baseball gear with a bat and ball

For more information on this game, read the history behind it.

Character Pablo Sanchez from "Backyard Baseball" game with baseball stats on screen
Humongous Entertainment / Via youtube.com

5.Big Action Garage

Fisher-Price's "Big Action Garage" video game cover featuring animated characters with a car and tools

(I was apparently very scared of Tuffy the Tow Truck as a kid).

Animated characters: a green tow truck in a sailor cap, a blue creature with a red hat, and a boy with orange hair, all in a vehicle-themed setting
The Learning Company / Via youtube.com

6.SchoolHouse Rock: Grammar Rock/Math Rock

Schoolhouse Rock CD cover with
Schoolhouse Rock CD cover with
Cover of
Cover of

Creative Wonders LLC / Via m.media-amazon.com, Creative Wonders LLC / Via m.media-amazon.com

Release Year: 1995/1996

YouTube Walkthrough: Grammar Rock, Math Rock

"Conjunction Junction, what's your function?" (Such a catchy song!) These games brought the SchoolHouse Rock characters to life through a series of grammar and math-related mini-games.

Each had an overarching objective (convincing the characters to join your band or bringing the characters to the diner for a big party). You had to win every mini-game to do so, and my favorite was finding the farmer in the hay bales in Math Rock.

Interactive educational game screen with numbered hedges, each hiding a character, and a kid peeking out

The Grammar Rock Diner!

Animated characters from "Grammar Rock" are seated at the diner

The colorful world of Math Rock.

Illustration of a colorful amusement park with various attractions like a ferris wheel, zoo, and carnival games

7.Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Junior Detective Edition)

Cover of "Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective Edition" game with title and character illustration
"Computer game screen with moai statues, hinting Carmen Sandiego's location in Chile."
Brøderbund Software / Via youtube.com

8.My Disney Kitchen

Video game cover "My Disney Kitchen" with Mickey and Minnie Mouse cooking together

You can't tell me this cake doesn't look amazing.

Animated kitchen scene from a video game with a "Make-a-Cake" mixer, ingredients on counter, and recipes in a drawer
Disney Interactive / Via youtube.com

How cute are they?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse sitting at a table with cake in a cartoon kitchen
Disney Interactive / Via youtube.com

9.Arthur's Math Carnival

Arthur from "Arthur's Math Carnival" game cover raises hands excitedly, with math symbols and carnival elements around

Everything on the menu looks pretty good, but idk about those veggie pops...

Illustration of a child at a lemonade stand with a sign reading "Super Snacks," featuring various treats
Wanderful Inc. / Via youtube.com

10.Arthur's Computer Adventure

Cover of "Arthur's Computer Adventure" featuring Arthur the aardvark playing on the computer

Watch out for those nasty sea ghosts!

Underwater scene in a video game with air tanks gauge, a sunken boat, treasure, and marine life
Wanderful Interactive Storybooks / Via youtube.com

11.Reader Rabbit Math Adventures (Ages 6-9)

Cover of "Reader Rabbit Personalized Math" software with cartoon characters for ages 6-9. Includes 2 CD-ROMs

Uh-oh, shipwrecked!

Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion
The Learning Company / Via youtube.com

Fun fact: The main villain was voiced by Charles Martinet (who you might recognize as the voice of Mario!)

The Pirats singing
The Learning Company / Via youtube.com

12.Science Sleuths

Cover of "Science Sleuths" VHS with scientists and graphical overlays, promoting educational content

Each case had various levels of difficulty, and it wasn't easy, but it made you feel like a scientist.

Vintage computer setup with various educational posters and a microscope on a desk, depicting a scene from a point-and-click game
MECC / Via youtube.com

13.Treasure Mountain! / Treasure Cove!

Cover artwork for "Treasure Cove" and "Treasure Mountain" educational games featuring underwater and mountain scenes

The underwater world of Treasure Cove.

Animated character in an underwater scene with marine life and collectible items
The Learning Company / Via youtube.com

The art style of these games gives me such nostalgia!

Animated characters near a stone cave, a ladder, and an underwater setting
The Learning Company / Via youtube.com

14.The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System

Cover of "The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System" game, with characters on a bus in space

I would love to see Ms. Frizzle's insurance policy.

Cartoon character running and jumping on platforms in a retro-style video game scene
Microsoft Home, Scholastic / Via youtube.com

15.Math Munchers

Math Munchers Deluxe game cover featuring a green, cartoonish creature with numbers and mathematical symbols around it, for ages 8-12
Math game screen with various equations listed on white orbs and a green animated character on the left
MECC / Via youtube.com

How many of these did you play growing up? What are some favorites not on this list? Let me know in the comments below!