iPhone 6S Reportedly Explodes Post Charging

Apple also announced that it will be releasing an iOS update next week that would allow the tech giant to better diagnose any battery issues.

The Apple iPhone 6S has been recently in the news and not for good reasons. Apple recently admitted to iPhone 6S battery issues and started a battery replacement program for affected users.

While the battery issues were related to battery drainage and the phone shutting down, Apple might have a more serious problem at hand — iPhones are exploding all over the place.

On Dec. 6, reports of exploding iPhones surfaced in China, causing the state-run Shanghai Consumer Council to call on Apple to address the complaints.

“Apple should be responsible for consumers. A lot of consumer complaints are not solved effectively,” the council said in its official statement. It had allegedly received at least 8 separate reports of iPhones exploding and added that it had seen a big rise in the number of complaints against iPhones in the past two months.

On Friday, a customer's iPhone 6s starting spewing smoke immediately after it was unplugged from charging. It then went up in flames, according to Phonearena. The customer did not give details about getting in touch with Apple or suing the company for the damages.

Similar incidents have been reported globally — such as the case of an iPhone exploding in a student’s pocket in New Jersey and another one of an iPhone exploding in Australia, burning down the person’s car.

Apple blames consumers’ woes on the exposure of batteries to ambient air during the manufacturing process. It has said that the problem is limited to a small number of iPhone 6S devices manufactured between September and October 2015 and the batteries will be replaced for those devices. Customers can check if their device is eligible for a battery replacement on Apple’s website.

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