IHOP’s New Sonic-Inspired Menu Is Real And Not An April Fools' Prank

Image: Sega / IHOP
Image: Sega / IHOP

Today might be April Fools’ Day—a horrible holiday where brands post “jokes” about fake products—but I assure you this new Sonic The Hedgehog-themed menu at IHOP is totally real, available nationwide, and can provide you with new, exclusive Sonic DLC.

On April 1, The International House of Pancakes (aka IHOP) and Sega announced that a previously teased Sonic-themed menu was now available at all participating restaurants in the United States. Here are the six new menu items, which are all breakfast options except for one. Apparently, Knuckles isn’t a breakfast guy.

  • Sonic’s Blue Blur Special: Four buttermilk pancakes with double the blueberries for double the speed! Ask to try them with blueberry syrup

  • Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich: A crispy chicken sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, & buttermilk ranch that won’t leave you hangry. Order with a side of “gold” onion rings

  • Tails’ 2x2x2: Two eggs, two pancakes, two bacon strips or two sausage links – just like Tails, everything good comes in twos

  • Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes: Go ahead and be a little chaotic – a four-stack filled with chocolate chips is the ultimate pancake experience

  • Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and fresh strawberries atop a golden-brown waffle quarter is a perfectly sweet dessert for an epic adventure. Ask to try with strawberry syrup

  • Dr. Eggman’s Benedict: A 300 IQ genius like Eggman knows that black forest ham, poached eggs, & creamy hollandaise sauce makes for a superior meal

According to IHOP’s official website, you make these meals “Sonic Style” and add crispy golden rings for an additional fee. And I thought Sonic Style was some new sex thing.

IHOP loyalty members will also be able to earn and use PanCoins which can be redeemed to grab an “exclusive” DLC outfit for Amy in Sega’s Sonic Superstars. The outfit is available on IHOP’s member’s only rewards shop called the “Stack Market.” Yes, I’m learning a lot of IHOP lore today, too. Also in that store: Full game download codes for Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins Plus.

No date for when this crossover menu will end, but in a press release IHOP did mention that limited-edition Sonic-themed gift cards would disappear on May 5. So perhaps that’s a good indicator of how long this will last? Regardless, if you are craving some Chaos Chocolate Pancakes, I’d suggest heading to your local IHOP sooner rather than later.


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