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I review tech for a living, and these are the 45+ best Memorial Day deals I've found on Apple, Beats, Bose and more

Some noteworthy wins: 31% off Apple AirPods, 50% off a Samsung 55-inch Smart TV and $100 off Beats Studio Pro headphones.

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Score major savings across every tech-y category, whether you're looking for a brand-new TV or a sweet pair of headphones. (Amazon/Walmart)

Memorial Day has arrived, and with it comes a bonanza of boffo deals on all things tech. Sure, spending time with family and enjoying the nice weather is great; just make sure to carve out some "you" time to take a gander at the gadgets and gizmos being served up by some of our favorite retaliers — trust us, their price tags are every bit as mouth-watering as the burgers, dogs and ribs that'll be waiting for you on the grill.

To make your holiday look-see a snap, we've rounded up the best sales on TVs and projectors for movie nights, the best speakers for days spent by the pool, and so much more. Save $1,000 on a Samsung TV at Amazon and more than 75% on laptops at Walmart. If you're still not done after that, might we interest you in a roundup of the best Memorial Day deals in a slew of other categories?

Summer might not be apple season, but it's certainly Apple deals season — especially with discounts like these.

If it's within 30 feet, your iPhone will locate it, with the help of one of these ... and we're talking right down to the centimeter. If it's farther afield, Apple's Find My network should help you pinpoint it. Just be prepared to buy some cases so you can clip these gizmos to your keychains and other valuables.

$80 at Amazon
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$80 at Walmart$99 at Adorama

Just double tap these AirPods to skip a song, answer a call or activate Siri. Save nearly 40% on these best-selling earbuds with over half a million five-star fans. 

$80 at Amazon
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$80 at Walmart$120 at Adorama

This stylish watch features easy pairing with almost all modern iPhones, brand-new functions and much more.

$189 at Amazon
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$249 at Adorama$279 at Walmart

The fan-favorite 'buds are back on sale for just $190, a 24% price cut. These have double the noise cancellation of most earbuds (seriously, it's like silence with ANC on), while the spatial audio features can make you feel like you're smack in the middle of the concert. Score these now before the sale ends.

$190 at Amazon

If you want an iPad, look no further. It might be a few years old, but this tablet is still a fantastic option and one of the absolute lowest prices you're going to find on any iPad model. 

$274 at Amazon
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$329 at Adorama$329 at B&H Photo


Whether you need a new laptop to answer work emails from the beach or you want to get started writing that book you've always dreamed of, there are loads of deals for you.

What does a Fire Tablet have that an iPad doesn't? Easy: built-in Alexa functionality. You can use the tablet to issue voice commands to Alexa, read your favorite eBooks in full color, and so much more. It's a great option for an entertainment-focused tablet, especially for kids. 

$95 at Amazon
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$95 at Kohl's$95 at Staples

Yes, it looks sharp in blue, but more importantly, with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of onboard storage and a free one-year subscription to Office 365, this laptop is ideal for everyday use.

$197 at Walmart

This can-do computer boasts up to eight hours of battery life and improved airflow, thanks to a better-designed chassis and new fans. Plus, it's over 50% off. 

$220 at Walmart

This laptop might come from an unknown company, but it has a slew of fans who rave about its capabilities. We can't complain, either — with these specs, it can handle multiple programs and applications and has more than enough storage for all of your files. Another thing we aren't complaining about? The nearly 75% discount.

$280 at Walmart

This lightweight laptop is built to keep you productive and give you plenty of space to store data. It even comes with a one-year subscription to Office 365.

Save $100 with coupon
$299 at Amazon

How does 50% off grab you? Despite its low cost, this laptop comes with 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and a processor that can reach speeds up to 3.4GHz. 

$390 at Amazon

With 8GB of RAM, a lightning-fast 256GB solid-state drive and a backlit keyboard, this laptop is a solid pick for anyone, from students to freelancers. A large 13.6-inch screen and an impressively long battery life make this an excellent option for anyone working on the go. As one reviewer said, "It does it all, it's snappy and the battery life makes you wonder why you ever had to charge a laptop before. Did I mention there isn't any fan noise? It's fantastic."

$849 at Amazon

Samsung's latest Galaxy Book4 Edge is available for preorder now. Aside from the impressive specs on this machine, it's a seriously unmissable deal. If you preorder the 14-inch or 16-inch models, you'll get a free 50-inch Crystal UHD 4K TV from Samsung. That's roughly a $450 value thrown in as a bonus.

$1,350 at Samsung

The hottest beats of the summer are best delivered by headphones that let you rock out without sweating, so that means cool ear cups and breezy earbuds to get you through the muggiest days.

These earbuds are 65% off, and they're waterproof too. If you're looking for great sound on a budget, reviewers say these are "better than AirPods."

Save $32 with Prime
$18 at Amazon

Memory foam ear cushions ensure comfort for extended listening sessions, and the easily adjustable headphones provide a comfortable fit, accommodating various head sizes with ease. 

$20 at Walmart

Huzzah! These earbuds offer tremendous performance with a design that doesn't stick out of your ears like AirPods. On-device controls make it easy to pause and skip songs, answer calls and more. They're available in 12 colors too.

Save $16 with coupon
$27 at Amazon

These popular cans come with 60 hours of playback time, deep base and comfortable ear cups that make them a fantastic choice for anyone who wants great sound without the audiophile pricing. 

Save $15 with coupon
$45 at Amazon

This portable speaker is perfect for parties by the pool (try saying that three times fast). It comes with up to 24 hours of playback time, a waterproof rating that means it can actually float in the pool (although it may not be the best idea) and a ton of other features. Plus, it's almost half off during this Memorial Day sale. 

$40 at Amazon

If these had a dating profile, it would read something like this: 30 hours of battery life, on-device controls for changing tracks and noise reduction during calls. They also sport Edge-AI to amplify the best parts of every song and love long walks on the beach. 

$248 at Amazon
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$250 at Sony Electronics

These puppies come with all-day battery life on a single charge as well as two separate noise-cancellation modes. The ear cups themselves are soft and plush to keep your ears comfortable.

$249 at Amazon
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$249 at Adorama$249 at Macy's

These headphones are so good that even Oprah is a fan. Considering she's a billionaire who can buy anything she wants, that's saying a lot — not to mention these will deliver tremendous audio quality, 40 hours of battery life and 10-minute fast charge functionality. 

$250 at Amazon

When summer storms come a-callin', the fun doesn't have to stop. Just move indoors and find a new show to binge until the rain stops. (A new TV, like this 98-inch beast from Samsung, is also a great solution when it's just too darn muggy to stay outside.)

This TV is a tad on the small side (although it's a great pick for use in the garage or a smaller bedroom), but at less than $120 with HD picture quality, built-in Chromecast and a slew of other features, it's a great pick. 

$118 at Amazon

With full HD resolution and a design that makes it look like this TV is all screen, it already looks great — but the dynamic contrast options will give you even better color when you're sitting down to watch season three of Bridgerton. If the thought of high-resolution Bridgerton isn't enough to make you swoon (or burn), how about this? This TV is nearly 60% off. 

$170 at Amazon

This TV has such a bright display that glare is practically a thing of the past. It also comes with Amazon Music, but more importantly, you can qualify for up to a $200 NBA Store gift card with the purchase of select TVs — and this is one of them. 

$420 at Amazon
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$420 at Best Buy

With more than 30% of the price knocked off for Memorial Day, this is one heck of a deal. You'll get access to tons of free content, all of Alexa's features, and even a free six-month subscription to MGM+ with the purchase. 

$360 at Amazon

If you're looking for a sign that it's time to splurge on a 55-inch flatscreen, this 50% off deal may be an indication that the cosmos are on your side. The QLED display tech means colors are outstanding, while the Object Tracking Sound+ means you'll be able to hear things move across the screen in ways you wouldn't believe. 

$1,098 at Amazon
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$1,098 at Walmart$1,100 at Best Buy

A smart home can streamline even the most mundane activities like cleaning or turning on the lights, and we've rounded up the hottest deals right here.

The easiest way to turn a "dumb" appliance into a smart one is through a smart plug. It lets you turn the power on and off from your phone — whether you're across the room or on the other side of the country. This four-pack drops the price of these to $6 each. 

$25 at Amazon

If you have an older TV that lacks bells and whistles, the Fire TV Stick 4K is a plug-and-play device that gives you Alexa on the screen with just the press of a button. Ask for movie recs, add things to your shopping list or give a smart home command. This is the newest version, and it's yours for an impressive 40% off. 

$30 at Amazon
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$30 at Kohl's$30 at Lowe's

If you're looking for a more simplified streaming service, Roku is a great option that doesn't have quite as many bells and whistles as the Fire Stick. Get it for a major discount this Memorial Day!

$34 at Amazon
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$35 at Staples$35 at Target

With 1080p resolution, two-way audio and lots of other useful features, this is the one video doorbell to rule them all. Right now it's a full 40% off.

$60 at Amazon
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$60 at Kohl's$60 at Lowe's

No one likes cleaning, and this little robot offers the solution. All you need to do is turn it on and the mapping software will figure out your home's floor plan and get to work vacuuming up all the dust and debris it finds. 

Save $111 with coupon
$89 at Amazon

The new Echo Show 8 is the ultimate smart home hub. You can check out the weather, watch YouTube, view your lists and more. Of course, you can also speak to Alexa hands-free with this gadget, and it's marked down by nearly 40% right now. 

$95 at Amazon
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$95 at Kohl's$150 at Lowe's

With warmer weather arriving, invest in a smart thermostat and drop your energy bill. You might even qualify for a rebate depending on where you live. 

$145 at Amazon
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$115 at Walmart$150 at Lowe's

This is one of the best options for starting a home security system. It has five cameras, each one roughly $40, that are weather resistant, easily mountable, and work on just a pair of AA batteries. 

$200 at Amazon
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$200 at Kohl's$200 at Lowe's

Whether it's an ingenious electronic hack for the car, a way to carry an extra charge-up or two for your phone or something else, tech can make your life easier — and we've found some very sweet deals.

Just because you drive an older vehicle doesn't mean you have to forgo modern amenities. This $8 doodad fits into your car's AC port and gives you fast charge-compatible USB ports for all your devices. 

Save $2 with coupon
$8 at Amazon